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    Yes there it is. You are looking at the fastest production car to ever come out of the 1980's era. You think I am lying? and you think this is a Monte Carlo SS?!?! WRONG!!! For those who don't know, this is my 1987 Buick Grand National. Yes BUICK made this car. Yes Buick USED to make cool cars for the younger guys, unlike today!

    A little intro to the site: First of all, this entire site is HIGHLY recommended to be viewed with a high broadband connection due to all the pictures. This site is directed towards any Turbo Regal enthusiast like myself or any car enthusiast for that matter. The pictures used on this entire site are pictures of mine and other owners' cars and if anyone has a problem with me posting your car, please email me and I will take it off immediately. I have a massive collection of GN pictures and movies and I have no idea who exactly owns them or made them but please let me know if you don't want me posting your vehicle on my site. Anyways, enjoy the stay.

All About My 1987 GN  

History of the GN (1982-1985) "hot-air years"

History of the GN (1986-1987) "intercooled years"

History of the GNX (1987) "the GN to end all GNs"

    You can contact me via email at d0n3d@attbi.com or AOL instant messenger by searching my screen name "d0n 3d".
   If you want to learn even more about Turbo Buicks, check out these links: www.turbobuick.com www.turbobuicks.com www.gnttype.org or www.buickgnx.com

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